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Cycle Derby

Social Cycling

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Commuting by Bike


Enjoy the benefits of commuting by bike.

Here's what Cycle Derby can do to support you...

  1. Free one-to-one cycle training for every employee
  2. Free help and advice with everything a business and employee will need from Personal Travel Planners and the Cycle Derby Team:
    • Advice on installation and improvement of cycle parking
    • Access to grants for changing and shower facilities.

Why cycling is good for you and good for business

More employees cycling can yield financial benefits through reduced travel expenses and demand for car parking. Spaces can be leased or land freed up for more profitable use.

Investing in the health of employees can reduce sickness absences, increase loyalty and improve staff retention.

Promoting sustainable transport can enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility reputation.

For help and advice:

Contact Cycle Derby on 01332 641747 email us at

or speak to the Connected Personal Travel Planning team at Mobile: 07909962142