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Bike Pod

Roll up, roll up for the unique and amazing Cycle Derby Roadshow -Bike Pod!

Our Bike Pod is an educational workshop designed to inspire and encourage children to cycle to school more often. Our staff arrive at school via "pedal power" on our Cycle Maximus towing behind them a menagerie of bikes to capture children's imagination.

The workshop runs through five different sessions:

  • Why Cycle? - Children brain storm the benefits of cycling to school.
  • Bike Maintenance - Children learn how to identify the parts of a bike, fix a puncture and do the '5 point bike check'.
  • Basic Route Planning - Children learn how to read a map and plan a route from their home to school using cycle paths and quiet roads.
  • Bike tryout - Children are introduced to different types of bikes and have the opportunity to trial them and decide which type of bike best fits different types of cycling.
  • Cycle Derby Quiz - A quick round up of the session plus a short video highlighting the next steps in cycling such as cycle training and local cycle clubs.

The workshop will run for roughly two to two and a half hours and cater for one class of up to 30 children.

If you're a teacher or governor and would like to see the Bike Pod please get in touch or 01332 641746.